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F.S.M. Recycling & Demolition

Got Junk? We've Got You Covered!

If you have more to recycle than you can fit in your council bin, you may be feeling frustrated. Worse, you may feel surrounded by trash. F.S.M. Recycling and Demolition brings you easy, prompt solutions to your problem. For over 20 years, F.S.M. Recycling and Demolition has been bringing answers to businesses and households across the Mitchell Shire. As a trusted local business, you know that our service will be quick and straightforward, saving you time and eliminating fuss as well as excess stuff.

Bin Hire

Many of our customers are delighted when they hear of our bin hire service, as it can solve many issues at a low cost. Keep the bin for the length of your project, or start with a bin and see whether it suits your needs long-term. Get in touch with us today to get an idea of the suitability of a hired bin in your particular circumstance.

Paper Or Plastic?

Mixed loads are no problem for F.S.M Recycling. For all of your questions, you can rely on the friendly customer service that we offer. We're just round the corner and only a call away, so be confident that we can keep you in the loop and get you answers, saving you time and giving you the chance to get on with your work.

Farm Clean-Ups

Is your land getting out of hand? Our farm clean-up service is famous in the Mitchell Shire region. Sometimes the job is just too big to get done amongst all the other tasks you have. If you have something out of the ordinary or just need some extra hands, F.S.M. can help you turn a mountain into a molehill.

Scrap Metal, Demolition Rubbish, Or Just Big Piles - Give Us A Call.

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