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Victorian Locksmiths

Victorian Locksmiths

Wallan 3756

Opening Hours
Open 24/7

Trouble with your lock?

The friendly team at Victorian Locksmiths specialise in helping your home or office stay secure and well protected at all times.

As well as fixing and replacing locks in our workshop, we offer a mobile locksmith service for regular and emergency call outs, 24/7.

We can also cut replacement or duplicate keys, and cut and program late model car keys.

"Service was excellent turned up within 20 minutes of calling him price was reasonable I would highly recommend him for any job will deal with him in the future” Anthony

With your time and budget requirements always front of mind, Victorian Locksmiths will complete your key or lock job to meet your needs.

For more information, or to make a booking, give Victorian Locksmiths a call today!

Local Business Directory servicing Kilmore, Wallan, Broadford, Seymour, Whittlesea, Romsey and Lancefield.

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