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Glanville Security Doors

Glanville Security Doors

Factory 4
8 Glanville Drive
Kilmore 3764

Opening Hours
Mo-Fr: 9:00am-5:00pm
Sa-Su: Closed

Stay Safe - Get Secure

For a door to be secure, it needs to be made with high-quality, sturdy materials. It needs to have an excellent locking mechanism that won't let you down. When you choose Glanville Security Doors, you get the advantage of 30 years of experience as well as top-class equipment. Feel safe in the knowledge that your security door will do its job - keeping out intruders while not compromising your desired level of natural light and fresh air.

Inexperience Is Costly

Many of our clients have avoided the bad experience of a break-in because their Glanville Security Door was impenetrable. They're the stories we love to hear. Sadly, some come to us because they hadn't installed a security door and been victims of crime. Without qualified installation or information, people have been known to attempt their own home security and been let down by a weak door frame or having too much space for jimmying. Leave it to us - we have seen it all and know all the tricks. Our experience adds to your security - both practically and emotionally.

A Range To Suit You

Whether you are protecting priceless family heirlooms or your small children, Glanville Security Doors have options for every budget and situation. Consult with us to consider the safety of your neighbourhood, the age of your home, your ideal budget and more. Whether your main desire is minimising bugs in your home or having the most secure doors to prevent crime, our doors are made to allow for greater strength and less penetration.

  • Australian Standard
  • Structural Grade
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Sturdy Receiver Channels
  • Reinforced Corners
  • Steel Bars, Grilles And Motifs
  • Five-pin Cyclinder Locks
  • Warranty

Don't Leave It To Chance - Call Glanville Security Doors Now

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